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Our Work

Our team has several ongoing research projects pertaining to 2SLGBTQ+ history in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each of these projects are works progress and some are further along than others. 

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aRCHIVAL Material collection

This branch of the project is focused on amassing potential archival materials from all over the province. They are a dedicated team of beginner researchers learning first hand about the ins and outs of archival research. 


story tellers 

This team of researchers are focused on the identification of interesting stories that could be told in future outreach activities. They are based all across the province and research historical figures ranging from Charles Henry Danielle to Tommy Sexton. 

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Inuit Queer History Project

Much of the research that surrounds queer history in North America centres around European settlers, despite many indigenous cultures having long history of gender and sexual diverse cultural practices. This branch of the research aims to investigate the precolonial and ongoing history of queerness in Labradorimiut culture.

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